The Giver

The Challenge

Jonas is faced with the challenge of being the new receiver. He undergoes severe pain as he receives harsh and cold memories from the giver. He also experiances great joy when he receives the happy memories. Before becoming the receiver he and his family unit, like other units, would share dreams and what feelings they had to discuss and help each other to understand them. Now it is against the rules for him, so he must keep his training and new feelings to himself. Another conflict that occurs on the side has to do with his dad's job. His dad is a nurturer. A nurturer takes care of kids for the first year of their life before they are given to a family unit. His dad is taking care of a child named Gabriel who is not behaving to the standards. So instead of the normal process in nurturing a child they decide to keep Gabriel at their house instead of with the night crew to give him special attention. After a while Gabriel is not showing improvement so he has to be released the next day. That night Jonas handles both the conflicts.

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